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ANC Rep Arrested for Attacking Homeless Man Has Picked Up Petitions for Re-Election

Need some incentive to vote for your next Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner? Try this guy.

Police arrested and charged Robert Leo Dwyer, a commissioner on Dupont's Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2B, this week for allegedly attacking a homeless man early Monday morning on the 1600 block of 17th Street NW. Dwyer is accused of spraying the homeless man with a household cleaner, throwing the man's belongings in the street, and screaming a racial slur at him. Dwyer told police, according to the Post, that he used the cleaning spray because the homeless population created a bad stench in the area. He also admitted to throwing the man's belongings in the street, but does not think he used a racial epithet.

Dwyer has already picked up his petitions to run for re-election in November, according to the D.C. Board of Elections. Petition signatures to appear on the ballot are due Aug. 6. Dwyer didn't immediately return call for comment to see if he is still considering a run.

Gottlieb Simon, the executive director of the city's Office of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission, says that Dwyer is eligible to keep his seat and run for re-election so long as he's not an incarcerated felon. Dwyer's next hearing is scheduled for Aug. 25, the Post reports.

If Dwyer does opt to run again for his ANC seat, which represents the area east of the circle, it likely won't be as sleepy as most ANC elections: Two other people have also picked up petitions for the seat.

Even if Dwyer isn't convicted of any crime, his constituents may want to pay attention to the election if he decides to keep his name in the race. He did, after all, admit to scattering a homeless man's possessions all over the place.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery.

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  • Corky

    It's bad enough that this fool attacked a homeless man--one of his constituents, by the way-he's a violent racist. The police report in this case indicates that he used the N word towards this poor man and sprayed him with cleaning solution. He doesn't deserve to hold any public office and he should be fired from his job at JR's. Yeah, I'm putting it out there that JR's on 17th Street employs a racist hooligan.

  • Teeny Waheeny

    Is this guy about 60? Did he once live with Richard Simmons?

  • Former ANC

    A snobby, racist jerk working at JR's???!!! Say it ain't so!

  • Jessica’s fan

    Anyone else find it amazing that there have not been any calls for this guy's resignation on the Dupont Circle Yahoo group listserv?

  • J. Hoffa

    The homeless individual told a local CBS reporter that he had been living in a cardboard box on the street corner for years, which shouldn't have been allowed. We have homeless shelters for that purpose.

    Not excusing this guy's behavior.

  • SayWhat

    Fire him, how can he hold public office as a felon. Fire this creep, fire him.

  • Elaine

    I moved to Dupont from central Virginia about five years ago. I have heard more racist sentiments form fellow gays and lesbians in Dupont than I ever heard in Virginia.

    I had an acquaintance who works at Human Rights Campaign (!) who just went off at on the subject of "blacks sleeping in the streets and causing crime" when we had a homeless guy sleeping at the church on the 1500 block of Corcoran. They were seething about how that person and the low income housing on 1400 R were "ruining values."

    I find it of interest that Dwyer is anti-gun rights too and is himself a violent person