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PETA Slams WMATA’s Rat Traps


In case you're keeping track: Ben's Chili Bowl is PETA-approved. Metro is not.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is calling for the transit agency to stop capturing rodents intruding on its properties with glue traps, which likely subject the animals to a "prolonged, painful death."

"Each glue trap set in Metro stations can mean excruciating pain and a lingering death for any bird, mouse, or rat who gets caught," says PETA Senior Director Colleen O'Brien in a press release. "PETA is calling on D.C.-area transit authorities to end this taxpayer-subsidized cruelty by ending its use of glue traps for good."

The Center for Disease Control recommends using snap traps over glue traps because the latter captures the animals alive, subsequently scaring them and causing them to urinate, which can spread diseases. In a March, a Washington Post article reported that the transit agency uses glue traps instead of snap traps for the safety of its riders—kids, especially—who might accidentally get their fingers jammed in the traps.

Metro didn't immediately respond to comment.

Photo by Ryan Ebert via Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

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  • http://yahoonews Nathaniel

    It is really a shame that people actually donate money to this organization. This is the same animal rights group that sued Sea World in Federal Court claiming the amusement park is violating the 13th Amendment by forcing the dolphins to work without being paid. All that lawsuit did was waste the Court's time. If that's the case, police dogs and seeing eye dogs are being enslaved as well.

  • Ward-8

    These animal worshipers are unreal,rats are pests that can almost start reproducing from the time their eyes open and can wreak havoc on a neighborhood and God forbid if they get into your home.I would like to capture every one of these despicable varmints and Have then gift wrapped and sent to everyone of these animal worshipers and during the interim I will use every available method to get rid of these pest,PETA be dammed.

  • John

    This isn't about animal worship. Glue traps leave a struggling, urinating creature. A snap just kills outright. I doubt WMATA is setting these glue traps up inside the pedestrian areas of, so why not snap?

    Notice that PETA isn't saying that rats shouldn't be killed.

    I can't believe I'm defending PETA on something...

  • Chris Pennington

    Snap traps actually don't kill the rats that fast. What they really do is snap down and strangle the rat to death which can take a while. I remember when I was a kid my dad had these traps that were like guillotines with razors that would slam down on the varmint's neck when it went for the cheese. Those might be PETA approved.

  • Ward-8

    Please John spare me the bamboozle BS, the object is to kill these pest, who beside you and the animal worshipers cares that the glue trap leaves them struggling and urinating all over the trap,hell put some gloves on and throw the struggling and pissing pest in some fire or introduce it to a bat, could be a good job for PETA. I could give a shit if they urinate on the trap which is better than urinating all over the neighborhood to mark their territory and traveling path.

  • Gavin

    Class act you are, Ward. Whether they are pests or not, if you have to kill an animal, do it quickly and humanely. Never torture it.

    I would have assumed this was common sense and a bit of humanity, but I guess you have neither of those.

    But considering you suggesting burning a live mammal alive (which would be illegal), then I guess my post has been vindicated).