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Coming Soon to D.C.: A Bike Factory?

Don't tell Courtland Milloy.

The team behind BicycleSPACE is starting its own custom bike company and has launched an Indiegogo campaign to help fund a manufacturing facility here in the District.

Kugler Cycles—which gets its name from BicycleSPACE co-owner Erik Kugler—says it will build "tough, beautiful, solidly performing, time-tested bicycles."

"There was a time when this town made things, when this town got stuff done," Kugler says in the company's Indiegogo campaign video. "Kugler Cycles aims to rekindle dreams and aspirations, to lead in the resurgence of manufacturing in the District of Columbia."

Kugler Cycles is hoping to raise $30,000 by Aug. 27 to get its facility running. It's asking for donations between $10 to $100, giving supporters various Kugler paraphernalia in exchange for their cash. It's also hoping to sell 20 bicycle pre-orders to "convince the finance people that we are serious."

The two different bikes for sale—the Kugler Cafe Racer and the Kugler Fastback—cost $1,800 and $2,245. (That's with a 10 percent discount as an Indiegogo reward.) The campaign has raised just over $1,000, though no bikes have been claimed so far.

The organizers say that if the $30,000 goal is not met, the money will go toward fulfilling its bike orders.

For bicycle lovers, the pictures of the sleek Kugler Cycles will make you at least consider what it would be like if you had the cash to purchase one.

"Many people don’t know what it’s like to ride on a well-designed, well-balanced traditional bicycle, like the ones which were popular until late last century," Kugler says in the pitch. "Instead of riding on the bike, it’s like riding in the bike—immediately comfortable and intuitively responsive."

Watch the video below or visit the Indiegogo page here:

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  • Mario

    Take some of those huge profits from Brooks saddles and the 100% markup on cassettes that you charge and fund your own damn company. And these bikes are already made; they're called Rivendells!

  • drez

    Velo Orange and RivBikes inspired.
    Needs more seatbelts!

  • Erik

    Mario, several responses:

    I can assure you that no one's getting rich selling Brooks, for which pricing is effectively set by the manufacturer, and cassettes. Legal businesses need to pay overhead like payroll and rent. That said, we *are* funding this company and we're using the indiegogo platform not only to help spread the word, but also to take bike orders in advance, at a discount, so we know how to scale.

    Rivendells are not made in the US, but I did ride a Grant Peterson-designed Bridgestone for many years, and as such Mr. Peterson has been influential.

    Best regards,