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The Needle: The Members of Congress Among Us


Above the Traffic: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton sent a letter to the Union Station Redevelopment Corporation (USRC) asking it to get a plan together to address traffic congestion in front of Union Station because her office has received complaints "from residents, Members of Congress, congressional staff and bus companies that they are missing trains or having to get out of taxis and other vehicles in order to make trains." It's a busy train station. May we suggest leaving earlier. -4

Pigskins for Life: The D.C. Council will present RGIII with a ceremonial resolution honoring his 2012 Rookie of the Year season. The resolution does not name the actual moniker of the Washington football team. +3

The Long Game: Starting in August, Metro will add longer buses on the S1, S2 and S4 routes on 16th Street NW and the 70 route on Georgia Avenue NW. +2

Beer Town: DC Brau scored two medals at last weekend's U.S. Open Beer Championship. The Public, the local brewery's pale ale, beat out 100 submissions in the pale ale category, and the Citizen took the top prize in the Belgian pale ale category. +2

Wednesday's Needle rating: 67 Today's score: +3 Today's Needle rating: 70

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  • Jes’ sayin

    Regarding Union Station: the current drop-off configuration is a total fail, with narrow double-lanes that get corked whenever someone tries to get out on the driver's side. A week ago, we sat for ten minutes and didn't move because one corking led to a total gridlock. Yes, we were there in plenty of time, but we wasted fuel and polluted the air while we just sat there.

    But don't worry about greenhouse stuff, carbon footprints or unnecessary delays, Perry, when you want to be a smartass.

    The lanes need to be reconfigured and widened to allow cars to pass and exit. EHN is right on this one. And it's just as simple as that.