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Bike Activists to Protest Anti-Bike Post Columnist, on Bikes

If the point of Post columnist Courtland Milloy's anti-"bike terrorist" diatribe was just trolling, then call it a success.

A D.C. resident started a Facebook group this morning advertising a "a peaceful, safe, law-abiding ride" tomorrow from Dupont Circle to the Post headquarters downtown. Upon arrival, the riders hope to have a conversation with  Milloy and his editors about why his column was "dangerous" and should never have been published.

"Are you angry or disappointed that the Washington Post printed Courtland Milloy's hateful column describing people who choose to bicycle as terrorists and condoning violence against bicyclists?" the Facebook event reads. "I have reached out to Mr. Milloy and his editors to hopefully have a productive discussion when we arrive."

If you're interested in a long lunch break tomorrow, the ride starts at 1 p.m. at the Dupont Circle fountain.

And if you haven't yet read the column, skip it and read the response from Housing Complex's Aaron Wiener instead.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • R.W.

    Good. Milloy's plan is working. All the hipster doofus cyclists will be arrayed in one long line on a known route at a given time so they can all be killed in a massive drive-by shooting orchestrated by those who don't like white folks pushin' up in Chocolate City.

  • wreckfish

    So a bunch of white hipsters are going to clog traffic and basically give Milloy's dumb-ass arguments credence. Great plan!