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The Needle: Young and Reckless

Big Spending: More than 30 percent of millennials living in Maryland and Virginia buy fast food at least twice per week, according to a study by Level Money. (And yes, for purposes of this study anyway, Chipotle is considered a fast food joint.) In Virginia, they spent an average of $971 a year on fast food; [...]

PETA Slams WMATA’s Rat Traps

In case you're keeping track: Ben's Chili Bowl is PETA-approved. Metro is not.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is calling for the transit agency to stop capturing rodents intruding on its properties with glue traps, which likely subject the animals to a "prolonged, painful death."
"Each glue trap set in Metro stations can mean excruciating pain and a lingering [...]

Should Yoga Be Exempt from the “Yoga Tax”?

The namesake of D.C.'s much-debated "Yoga Tax"—yogis—say the discourse surrounding the recent expansion of the sales tax to include health clubs has misrepresented what they're all about.
The Yoga Alliance, a national nonprofit yoga advocacy organization that boasts more than 50,000 registered yoga instructors as members, argues that yoga is not actually a fitness program and should [...]

Photo: Traffic Report

1500 Block of K Street NW, July 31

Chatter: Swell Maps

What you said about what we said last week
A map accompanying last week’s cover may have been the most controversial sidebar we’ve run in some time. While readers were almost unanimously rah-rah about Arts Editor Christina Cauterucci’s long look at the history and resurrection of Back Alley Theater, they were split on contributor Maxwell Tani’s accompanying maps tracing [...]

Is Metro Totally Fucked or Just Kinda Fucked?

How fucked is your Metro commute home going to be today? Not fucked? Kinda fucked? Or, alas, totally fucked?
Columbia Heights resident Kyle Jennings created a website for local commuters to determine just how severely Metro plans to screw with its transportation plans. The site,, is an offshoot of the similar and lets users know the real-time schedules of [...]

District Line Daily: The Last Pitcher Show

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Dewey Beach might be ready to ditch its misfit reputation. But what happens when a party [...]

The Needle: Fact or Fiction?

Crisis Still Not Averted: It seems the Washington football team has a new plan to save its name: a website that lists "facts" explaining why the team name actually honors Native Americans. While the site is ostensibly the project of several former Pigskins players, don't take anything you read on it too seriously. Slate wrote today that Burson-Marsteller, a [...]

WMATA Sued Over Strict Criminal Background Check Policy

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority's criminal background screening policies for employees unfairly discriminate against black workers, a class action suit filed today alleges.
The suit, filed by the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, the Washington Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs, and law firm Arnold & Porter, alleges that Metro and three [...]

Pigskins Shame Spiral: Hillary Clinton

The Pigskins Shame Spiral is an occasional feature tracking developments related to the name of D.C.'s beloved football team.
Who: Hillary Clinton, 2016 presidential candidate?

Gear Prudence: Help, I’ve Been Shoaled!

Gear Prudence: Southbound on the 15th Street bike lane during the morning rush hour, there is usually a line of riders waiting at any given stoplight. And almost every day I see somebody who passes all of those who have stopped at the red light and cuts to the front of the line. I realize [...]

Capitol Hill’s Most Beautiful People Celebrate Beauty, Beautifully

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton's legislative associate Jason Spear arrived at work Tuesday as usual. And then around 9:30 a.m., Norton called him into her office to congratulate him on being named one of The Hill's "50 Most Beautiful People"—an honor that's purportedly based solely on style and physical appearance, and which is moderately noteworthy in select Washington spheres.
"She said, 'Oh, you didn't [...]

District Line Daily: FBI Goes Suburban

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The FBI is ditching D.C. for new headquarters in either the Maryland or Virginia suburbs, according to [...]

The Needle: Boot It

Boot and Rally: There are so many people stealing Dacha beer garden's beer boots that nearby Ivy & Coney is recovering the large beer boot-shaped glasses at its own bar on a weekly basis. This is why we can't have nice things! -3
Guns Down: A federal judge issued D.C. a 90-stay before a ruling overturning the city's ban on handguns in public spaces goes into effect. Police Chief Cathy Lanier [...]

Zoning Commission Delays Voting on Contentious McMillan Park Plans

The decades-long drama over the redevelopment of McMillan Sand Filtration Center did not get any closer to reaching a conclusion Monday night. The D.C. Zoning Commission was slated to make a zoning decision on the 25-acre site, but instead opted to delay its vote until its Sept. 29. meeting so it could learn more about the proposed [...]