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The Needle: Guinea Pig Recipe


Keeping It Real: José Andrés says he will consider putting a guinea pig dish—a traditional Peruvian delicacy—on the menu of his new Peruvian-Chinese restaurant, China Chilcano, set to open in Penn Quarter this fall. As long as it's not a small plate (well, a plate not much smaller than a guinea pig, anyway), could be interesting. +2

Red Alert: Metro will shut down the Farragut North and Dupont Circle Metro stations on the Red Line this weekend for maintenance. -2

Law and Order: Virginia police have started issuing citations to Lyft and Uber drivers after the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles issued the companies cease and desist letters saying their companies were operating illegally in the state. You may not agree with the laws, but, hey, it's arguably pretty important that people and companies follow them. +3

Bike D.C.: A new study shows the fastest way to get around D.C. from different parts of the city. This should serve as a big selling point for biking advocates, as biking is faster than driving or public transit in many parts of the city. In Bloomingdale, for instance, 57.2 percent of the city can be reached faster by bike than public transit or driving. +3

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  • Bob

    Maybe if we didnt have a red light every single f'ing block, cars might have more reasonable efficacy. 10 in a traffic circle (Logan)? that -pssst: in Europe, they mange circles 5 lanes wide without lights just fine. Guess the problem is in America we're so "me first" the pile up would look like a fog on the autobahn incident is what they fear. . Can we at least cut the red lights in half? It's insane. Bad enough folks have an hour getting home on 66. shouldn't take them 45 minutes just to get out of the district because of the red lights