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Hail to the Reagans?

220px-Official_Portrait_of_President_Reagan_1981After the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office decided last week to strip the Washington football team of its federal trademark, wags on Twitter suggested that the team just change its name to the Washington Reagans. Anti-tax crusader and President Ronald Reagan acolyte Grover Norquist jokingly endorsed the idea in an interview with BuzzFeed.

This week, Michael Taube, a contributing writer for the Washington Times, wrote a column"Why Not the Washington Reagans?"arguing that what started as a joke is actually a good idea. And he seems to be at least somewhat sincere, as he dedicates more than 700 words to the case.

Here are his main points:

  • Reagan is worthy of such an honor: "He was a great man, a great patriot and a great president. If there was ever a world leader who deserved to have his name associated in a positive fashion with a sports team, it would be Reagan."
  • Reagan liked football.
  • Dan Snyder is a Republican.
  • The patent office couldn't argue with this name.
  • The left's reaction to his name change would be "priceless."

Taube also suggests that the trademark board's decision may have come from the White House. After all, Democratic President Bill Clinton was in office when the board made a similar decision in 1999 to cancel the team's federal trademark on the grounds that it was disparaging to Native Americans.

Bill Clinton was in office during the 1999 publicity stunt, which was later overturned in the federal court. While it’s unclear who is behind this current farce, many speculate it came from higher up the political food chain. As mentioned in The Washington Times’ June 19 editorial, “President Obama suggested in October that the football team should ‘think about changing’ its name, and here we are in June, and the administration is trying to force it to comply. Funny how that works.

Taube says that while he thinks the Washington Reagans would be a strong alternative name, he'd prefer the team to keep its current name, which "symbolizes the positive virtues of strength, courage and a warriorlike spirit on the gridiron." Of course.

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  • Kevin

    Well, if the goal would be to come up with a more offensive name that would do it.

  • Chris

    Kevin hit the nail on the head, as if naming the city's airport after him isn't enough of a poke in the eye.

    Dan Snyder is an (R), but he is not an idiot. Having a team named after that r-prez would mean, in the plural, that the team would embody Nancy ("X-Ray"), Ronnie Jr., political hack Maureen, and a couple of Ronnie's other kids. It would be great for sportswriters and headline editors, of course - "Reagans Play Like Nancies", e.g. But merchandise sales would dry up in DC, and I doubt it would suddenly pick up in Dixie. Also, most people in the area would only watch games in the hopes of watching the rest of the NFL beat the crap out of the Reagans.

  • Typical DC BS

    Sorry you got your panties in a bunch about this, Chris (eyes rolling). Kevin is equally idiotic.

    Tell us again why you feel the need to whine and cry like a weenie when you hear the name "Redskins"?

  • Kevin J

    I'm not a Washington Redskins fan and really don't give a shit about the name change controversy. President Reagan has been long considered the greatest president of our time. Have we forgotten the approximately 67 persons MURDERED at the hands of terrorist on April 18, 1983 at the embassy bombing in Beirut, Lebanon? Oh, let me go a step further. Have we forgotten the 241 U.S. Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers (my best friends as I was on the 3rd floor of that building when it came down), MURDERED on October 23rd, 1983 as, again, a terrorist breached the Marine Compound and detonated 12,000 lbs of explosives, again, in Beirut, Lebanon? These people were MURDERED and that administration did, nor has any administration since, done NOTHING to bring anyone to justice. Mr. Reagan let them get away with MURDER! Nuff said...

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