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In New Metro Ads, the Silver Line Solves All Your Problems

Metro seems confident the Silver Line will open on July 26 and just unveiled three TV spots that will air later this week touting the benefits of the new line.

Single? The new line will expand your dating pool.

Stuck at home because of terrible D.C. traffic? The Silver Line will get you out there.

Hate your job? Fear not, Metro will increase your job opportunities.

Metro says the 15-second commercials are meant to highlight the new access to entertainment, shopping, and jobs the Silver Line will provide. “Now that opening day is in sight, it’s time to get a little excited,” Lynn Bowersox, Metro Assistant General Manager, says in a release. “These ads are intended to showcase the benefits of the Silver Line and get the word out about the opening date.”

The first phase of the line includes stations for McLean, Tysons Corner, Greensboro, Spring Hill, and Wiehle-Reston East. Work has begun on the second phase of the system, which will extend to Dulles International Airport and is projected to be complete in 2018.

Hopefully you haven't been waiting for the elusive Silver Line to open to start looking for that special someone, leave the house, or find a job, but if you have, July 26 is your day.

You can watch the new ads below:

Photo by Perry Stein

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  • Jay

    tacky that they create the 'Look Alive' campaign the same week as the anniversary of them killing 9 people...yet another wmataFAIL.

  • ceefer66

    Anyone who needs a train to solve their problems has serious issues.

  • Jack

    Great concept!

  • Patrick

    After 20 years in advertising, I've seen it all, including this kind of back-assward waste-of-money positioning. Three ads, all sharing the theme: "Silver Line is for losers."

    Proper positioning would portray Silver Line as a smart choice for people who would rather spend their travel time reading or finishing an email and who prefer to avoid arriving angry and frustrated after twenty minutes spent looking for a parking spot...

  • john

    My commute from Reston to Capitol Hill by bus and Metro that used to take 80 minutes now takes 100 minutes and costs more. The Silver Line sucks.

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