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D.C. Still Loves the World Cup

The U.S. and Portugal played to a (last-second, extremely painful to watch the end of) 2-2 draw last night in Manaus, Brazil, and once again, the TV market where the match got the highest rating was D.C.

The 9.1 nationwide rating for the broadcast, on ESPN2, was the highest rating ever for a soccer game on ESPN or ESPN2. In D.C., the 13.3 rating crushed that. The U.S. plays Germany at noon on Thursday in a game that will help decide whether the team advances to the tournament's knockout rounds; expect more high ratings then, and also expect a lot of your colleagues to have two-hour lunch meetings.

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  • Tommy D

    Yes, DC loves soccer! Still I am amazed at the lack of coverage that DC's own Major League Soccer team, DC United, gets in the mainstream media. local news and Washington Post barely cover the team.

  • Kevin

    Tommy D, I don't think you're being fair to The Post. WaPo commits more resources than more papers to covering soccer. Steve Goff does a great job covering DC United with his Soccer Insider blog and other articles in the paper and online.

    As for local TV news, yeah, their coverage of DCU is awful and I can't think of one local sportscaster other than Dianna Russini (NBC4) who knows anything about the sport (she played at GMU but still doesn't cover it much).

  • Corky

    I'm not a big soccer fan, but it was a great game--even without sexy cheerleaders, marching bands and Bud Light commercials every five minutes to keep us entertained. Once soccer figures out how to keep the attention of the sex starved, adhd impaired minds of American males, it will become a big hit. This World Cup series is a good start.

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