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The Needle: Falawesome


Legends of the Falafel: Amsterdam Falafelshop just opened a 14th Street NW location and now it's planning on opening four more. Next up: shops in Dupont Circle, Georgetown, Bethesda, and Silver Spring. +4

Get Inside!: The majority of the D.C. area is under a tornado warning until 9 p.m. -3

Stop It: Metro has been an absolute mess the last few days because of a number of brake-related problems, though this is apparently not all that unusual. -3

The Drinking Cup: Here's where you should drink tomorrow. Er, here's where you should watch the World Cup tomorrow. +4

Friday's's Needle rating: 53 Today's score: +2  Today's Needle rating: 55

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  • TJJustTJ

    Ummm... is it just me, or are you using a version of math from Bizzaro world? When is 4 + 4 - 3 - 3 = -2???

  • Perry Stein

    Definitely math from Bizzaro world. Fixed. Thank you!

  • TJJustTJ

    Perry, it's all good. That's why pencils have erasers and keyboards have backspace AND delete keys. :)

    That falafel info was too good for the ultimate score to be that low! :)