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The Needle: Oh Deer!


Like a Deer in Headlights: A woman was seriously injured at a bus stop this morning after an alarmed deer jumped on her and knocked her out. The incident occurred at the bus stop at Alabama Avenue and Naylor Road SE just after 9 a.m. -5

More like BOREophyll: D.C. is pretty boring with its museums and monuments. National Harbor, on the other hand, has a Ferris wheel and is thus attempting to market itself as a "fun" alternative to D.C. -3

Dry Blanket: Mayor Vince Gray kicked off pool season and DID NOT cannonball into a pool. Lame. -4

Party Time: Here is a list of the bars approved to stay open until 4 a.m. this Memorial Day weekend. +3

Yesterday's Needle rating: 50 Today's score: -9 Holiday Weekend Bonus:+3 Today's Needle rating: 44

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  • Mike C

    Oh deer! Isn't it a nice leap to start your day? For me, it could be like a bomb dropped on my face. Who would expect a deer knocking you down just after you went out of the bus? The woman was hurt, but I just can't stop myself from laughing.

  • Ward-8

    Hummm, I wonder if she thought she was going to pet Bambi. A Deer 99% of the time will run opposite of the direction from where people are standing or moving. just saying!