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Police Looking for Group of Snack-Stealing Teens

Police are searching for more than a dozen youngsters who raided a store on the 4400 block of Benning Road NE last month and stole what appear to be soda and snacks. Police released the video of the theft today. The suspects can be seen on the video filing into the store, then running out with their hands full of sodas and chips.

The incident occurred on Monday, April 14 at around 9:35 p.m. The subjects were captured by the store's surveillance cameras and police are seeking the public's help in finding the suspects.

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  • Steve

    Maybe they had a troubled childhood.

    Oh, wait, they're having one now. Never mind.


    LOL@Steve; your comment is funny.

  • Doug

    They should have locked them in the minute they arrived... whenever you have a group of kids like that it is obvious that they are going to do some kind of criminal act.