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Police Forcibly Remove Man Who Won’t Sit Down at National Zoo Concert

portugalman2Alaska band Portgual. The Man performed a concert Monday evening at the National Zoo as part of the institution's Endangered Song Project—a campaign intended to bring awareness to the plight of endangered species, particularly the Sumatran Tiger.

But things turned less than charitable when a man with a Justin Bieber haircut standing at the front of the lawn concert refused to sit down after National Zoological Park Police asked him to do so. The man then resisted as police tried to forcibly remove him from the concert. The altercation lasted for at least 90 seconds, directly in front of the stage. All the while, a small crowd formed around the cops and the man, with concertgoers trying to capture the incident on their phones. Members of the band even tried to diffuse the situation, seemingly with no luck.

After the concert, Portugal. The Man tweeted apologies to fans.

A National Zoo spokeswoman would not say whether the man was arrested, adding that a press release would be sent later today.

portugalthemanAs part of the Endangered Song Project, described as "an analog-meets-digital awareness campaign," Portugal. The Man released a song called "Sumatran Tigers.” The band released only 400 copies of the single, a nod to the fact that there are currently 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild. The polycarbonate records were designed to degrade after a certain amount of plays. Because there were only 400 copies, the band asked the holders of the song to digitize it and share it on social media because, according to the National Zoo, "breeding the song socially will help save it from extinction."

Photos courtesy Jonny Grave

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  • Karl

    Not a very diverse crowd. Wonder why?

  • 20011

    No doubt this incident will be used to justify not making any changes in response to the Easter Monday violence that took place this year.

  • Miss Lu Lu Hogg

    Why wouldn't this guy sit his ass down and was in high or drugs and alcohol?

  • Miss Lu Lu Hogg


    Was he high on drugs or alcohol?

  • aaa

    I was held cuffed till 3am this morning and released with a Unlawful Entry charge. Court date is set for June 3rd. Article's right, I do need a hair cut. The band handled the issue very professionally and did their best to diffuse the situation.

  • ChicChild

    Two zoo cops, then three. Can't move the stupid jerk. Wow. Maybe they should have run him over with their segway.

  • Typical DC BS

    Guess he's just refusing to accept the fact he's not a special snowflake and really should just sit down.

  • Who is A.

    So was he under the influence of anything or was he just born that way?

  • ww

    funny how quickly hipsters support overwhelming police force when it helps them get a better view of a lame indie band.

    rock is truly dead.

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  • BullsFan#23

    ww on the mark

    I'm pretty amazed that the vast majority of comments on the DC blogs focus on the fact the kid was "being a jerk" or "ruining it for everyone" and not addressing the fact that HE GOT ARRESTED FOR DANCING AT A SHOW.

    These people are why Doi Moi passes for fine dining in DC.