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The Trash Can Removal Blitz Starts Saturday

The Department of Public Works is launching a trash and recycling bin "removal blitz" this Saturday. The announcement follows some seriously bad press for the District government, which has lagged in its removal of bins across the city.

Every D.C. household received bigger recycling bins and new trash bins this year. The new bins came with stickers that residents could use to mark whether they wanted DPW to dispose of their old ones. But DPW hasn't picked up all of the old bins, leaving some streets and alleys inundated with receptacles—and community email lists flooded with complaints.

Mayor Vince Gray's spokesman, Pedro Ribeiro, said that much of the delay stems from DPW underestimating how many residents would want to dispose of their old bins. (While everyone received new bins, residents also had the option to keep their old ones) Ribeiro says the mayor has now allocated about $130,000 to get extra employees working to pick up the bins.

According to DPW, the agency has already picked up more than 60,000 cans, but there are many thousands more that still need to be picked up.

Here's the blitz schedule:

Removals will be made from alleys and curbs on:

Saturday May 10 From Monday/ Wednesday collection areas MondayMay 12From Thursday collection areas TuesdayMay 13From Friday collection areas WednesdayMay 14 From Monday collection areas ThursdayMay 15 From Tuesday collection areas FridayMay 16 From Wednesday collection areas

DPW will follow this collection schedule for twice-a-week trash collection neighborhoods:

Wednesday, May 14 From Monday/Thursday collection neighborhoods Saturday, May 17 From Tuesday/Friday collection neighborhoods

Photo by Perry Stein.

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  • Chris hauser

    If they paid two bucks apiece for bins with takeaway stickers on them, the alley cats would clean them up in a week.

    Make it three, they're bulky.

  • pat b

    We live in Ward 7 over near RFK and the city hasn't delivered new cans to us yet.
    Sure could use them, but, it'd be nice if that would happen

  • hma

    pat b, Come to Columbia Heights and help yourself to any of the bins on 10th St NW.

  • sbc

    the post article noted that they have no idea which bins to take away since the "take me" stickers they distributed weren't waterproof and have washed off.

    amateur hour.