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Don’t Rename Union Station for Truman. Rename These Places.


The senators from Missouri—Claire McCaskill (D) and Roy Blunt (R)—are introducing legislation today that would rename Union Station after President Harry Truman, the 33rd president who just so happens to be from the Show-Me-State.

Union Station is federal property, so these senators are well within their rights to try and rename it. But we think they can do better than Union Station. We've compiled a list of more appropriate D.C. landmarks to rename in his honor. (We realize that not all of these are on federal property, but we're sure Congress could convince these fine establishments to honor the president.)

The Ravioli Revolution

Besides the Arch and Chuck Berry, toasted ravioli is one of Missouri's great identifiers. The Ravioli Revolution, which operates out of Union Kitchen, should be renamed: The Truman Ravioli Revolution.

The Spy Museum

The CIA was founded during Truman's presidency. Let's allow Truman to have a little more fun than just having his name slapped on a government office building. The Spy Museum should be renamed: The Truman Museum.

LensCrafters Optique at 1130 Connecticut Ave. NW

Poor eyesight dashed Truman's dreams of attending West Point. Honor him and all those who seek to improve sight. LensCrafters Optique should be renamed: The Harry S Truman LensCrafters Optique.

Missouri Avenue

Truman is from Missouri. Missouri Avenue should be renamed: Harry S Truman Is From Missouri Avenue.

Marshalls at 529 14th St. NW

Part of the Truman Doctrine, the Marshall Plan was instrumental in rebuilding Europe after World War II. The Marshalls discount clothing store should be renamed: The Harry S Truman Marshalls (Plan).

MacArthur Boulevard

Truman's firing of General Douglas MacArthur in 1951 was tremendously unpopular, but it did lead to MacArthur giving an address to Congress that Truman called "a bunch of damn bullshit," which is awesome. Rename MacArthur Boulevard: Harry S Truman Fired General Douglas MacArthur Boulevard.

Photo by aaron-language via Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

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  • Corky

    We already have an airport named after a racist (I still call it National). Why do we need a trains station named after one, too? Truman may have integrated the Army, but he was one of the biggest racists in the White House and is rumored to have been a member of the Klan. I vote no.

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  • Kevin

    Corky, if you're looking for boogeymen everywhere, you will surely see them. Thanks for overplaying the 'racist' hand yet again, I haven't heard someone called that in at least 20 minutes. Can't you tell the article was just being cheeky?