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Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser introduced legislation Tuesday that would lower the legal threshold for drunk driving to a blood-alcohol concentration of .05 percent. The current limit in the District and all 50 states is .08 percent.


  • The D.C. Council unanimously approved legislation to tax health insurance products in order to fund D.C.'s health exchange. [Post]
  • New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio seems to be taking a lot of policy ideas from D.C. [Post]
  • Councilmember Vince Orange says the show "Scandal" is interested in filming scenes in the District if the city beefs up its film tax incentives. [AP]
  • The historic Howard Theatre wants a beer garden in its back parking lot, but residents say it will be too loud for the neighborhood. [SALM]


Tender's Game: The most interesting man on Capitol Hill doesn't work in the Capitol. He's a longtime bartender in the neighborhood—and has been about the only constant there over the last 50 years. Meet Rudi Appl in our latest cover story.

Memos on Memos: City Desk reports on the D.C. Department of Health shutting down the Washington Post cafeteria. Columnist sends email admonishing the staff for leaking news of the closure. City Desk reports on that email.

Still Standing: The Passenger, neighboring bar Hogo, and BicycleSpace were supposed to be out of their building near the Convention Center by May to make way for a big new office building. But they're still there, and it looks like they aren't going anywhere for at least a few more months.

LOOSE LIPS LINKS, by Will Sommer. (tips?

  • D.C. Council passes legislation taxing health plans to fund health exchange. [Post]
  • Decade-old legislation could hamper inspector general search. [LL]
  • Muriel Bowser bill would lower the District's drunk driving threshold to 0.05 BAC. [WAMU]
  • Alice RivlinAnthony Williams, former Rep. Tom Davis back Council in budget autonomy suit. [Roll Call]
  • David Catania's committee will take up school boundaries next month. [Post]
  • Vincent Orange says Scandal is interested in filming in D.C...if they get funding from the city. [WAMU]
  • Speed camera tickets down in D.C. [WAMU]
  • Alleged would-be thieves caught trying to steal discarded recycling bins. [WAMU]
  • Three people shot near Ballou High School. [Post]
  • More on DDOT's plan to study a National Harbor streetcar. [Post]
  • Man shot while allegedly trying to rob a police officer dies. [Post]

HOUSING COMPLEX, by Aaron Wiener. (tips?

ARTS LINKS, by Christina Cauterucci (tips?

  • An interview with up-and-coming dream-rock outfit Humble Fire [D.C. Music Download]
  • Jolly Joe Bussard, founder of Fonotone records, recalls making the first-ever John Fahey recording. [AdHoc]
  • After releasing a record to promote the conservation of the Sumatran Tiger, Portugal. The Man will play a free concert at the National Zoo. [DCist]
  • The next D.C. Record Fair isn't actually going to be in D.C.. [D.C. Music Download]
  • Apparently the Wizards aren't doing so bad, so the Verizon Center's Lady Gaga concert got bumped. [DCist]
  • In which the stars of Scandal get taken seriously by Politico [BYT]

FOOD LINKS, by Jessica Sidman. (tips?

  • Washington Post cafeteria shut down by the health department. [City Desk]
  • The Passenger and Hogo won't be kicked out for new development quite yet. [Housing Complex]
  • Pharmacy Bar gets new owners and coffee. [Eater]
  • Eight up-and-coming D.C. bartenders to watch [Zagat]
  • City Burger opening in Chevy Chase next week. [Washingtonian]
  • Tourists' spending on dining is up. [WBJ]
  • Washington City Paper's U Street Taco invention has finally caught on. [Thrillist]


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  • Typical DC BS

    Good ole Bowser proving how useless she is. Enough with the MADD-inspired idiocy. When is that group finally going to admit they've outlived their purpose?

  • Zeus

    A beer garden will be too loud for a neighborhood bordering U Street? Seriously?

  • Corky

    A BAC of .05 is achievable literally by swigging mouthwash. That is absolutely ridiculous. No one is impaired at .05. If you can't drive blowing a .05, you just can't drive. It has nothing to do with alcohol. I wasn't even considering Catania, but if Bowser as Mayor is going to mean 4 years of uber Nanny state and excessive knee jerk regulation, I won't be voting for her.

  • Jess

    It's really good that the streets are safer these days.