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Two Men Injured in Shooting Outside National Zoo

Update, April 22: Two men were reportedly injured in the gunfire outside the zoo Monday afternoon, the Washington Post reports. Neither man is thought to be seriously injured. One man was found on the 3000 block of Connecticut Avenue NW outside the zoo and the other man was found about four blocks away.

The motive of the shooting is still unknown. The area was especially crowded when the shooting occurred at 5;17 p.m. as the zoo hosted an annual Easter Monday event.

Original Story: One man was injured in a shooting outside the National Zoo on the 3000 block of Connecticut Avenue NW, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police Department confirmed.

The victim is currently conscious and breathing.

The shooting occurred at 5:17 p.m. this afternoon. Officials are searching for two suspects described only as black male teenagers, according to Officer Paul Metcalf. At this time, it is not known whether the suspects knew the victim or what led to the shooting.

The 3000 block of Connecticut Avenue NW going southbound is currently closed.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

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  • Northwesterneer

    Not well known, but there were stabbings at Easter Monday at the Zoo going back to the 1950s and there was an Easter Monday Riot at Glen Echo in 1966. This isn't new information, such violence has been part of Easter Monday family day for 50-60 years.

  • Huh

    It really is astonishing how far the City Paper and awash Post will go to avoid mentioning anything about the fact that today was "African American Family Day" at the zoo. Literally, 3 story's between the two papers about the shooting and not one mention of it. What is this, a stabbing or gun shot 4 of the past 5 years? The Smithsonian needs to cancel the event, just close for the day after Easter because it's become just another excuse for army's of black ghetto teens to congregate in one place and work out their "beefs".

    The event is disgusting, it's primitive and predictably dangerous. Shut it down.

  • Miss Lu Lu Hogg

    I hate the term African American. Many still use the term black or black Americans. There are only 3 or 4 race of people and African American or Hispanic is not a race.

    Yesterday it was wild animals gone wild at the Zoo. They should be put in cages at the Zoo with the rest of the animals.

  • Corky

    Just a damn disgrace!!Families can't even bring little kids to the Zoo on a nice spring day because some un-parented, delinquent, too old to be at the zoo anyway ass holes decide they want to show up and start trouble. The animals are probably thinking--And they put US in cages?

  • Typical DC BS

    Corky hit this one on the head. 99% of the folks there are having a good time on a beautiful day, and a couple of morons spoil the fun for everybody.