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The Needle: D.C.’s Politically Unengaged


The Invisible Voters: All the absentee and provisional votes from the April 1 primary have been counted, and it's official: It had the lowest turnout of any mayoral primary since the beginning of home rule in 1974. -7

Best Buds: Robert Griffin III casually poses for a photo with Jeff Thompson, recently known by his shadow campaign sobriquet, Uncle Earl. +6

Guinness Book of No Records: The officials at Awesome Con wanted to break the world record for the largest gathering of people dressed as comic book characters in a single. The record is 1,530 people; they fell short today with just 237 people. -3

Along Went Polly: The D.C. pollen count is well below average heading into the Easter Weekend. +3

Yesterday's Needle rating: 75 Today's score: -1 Friday Bonus: +2 Today's Needle rating: 76

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  • Stepped on toes

    A mandate delivered by those who think they count. How idealistic.

  • Brians Ions

    Overwhelmingly, DC Democrats voted "NO!" with their feet up on their sofas or ottomans. That's the sign of an untrusted, broken political process -- dominated by non-representative party bosses, very much in need of systemic change.

    No wonder why Independent David Catania has polled so well for mayor without campaigning much at all.

    Voters want an open process with honest, open campaigns. Bowser should stop running away from issues and face Catania in debates now and throughout the summer.

    And DC should move to non-partisan elections as 75%+ of American cities have. 18 cities whose population is greater than DC's now have non-partisan elections...

    Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Antonio, Dallas, San Diego, San Jose, Detroit, Jacksonville, Austin, Columbus, Fort Worth, Memphis, Boston, El Paso, Milwaukee, Denver, Seattle and Nashville (per National League of Cities).

    Non-partisan elections automatically reduce the corrupting influence of special-interest big money.