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DeSean Jackson Celebrates New Contract with $20K Bottle of Champagne


Pigskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson celebrated his new three-year, $24 million contract Wednesday night at The Huxley with the Washington football team by popping a $20,000 bottle of Moet champagne with teammate DeAngelo Hall.

And it looks like that's not all the fun Jackson had this week. As Loose Lips reported, Jackson posed for a picture with Robert Griffin III and none other than D.C.'s favorite uncle, Jeff Thompson, last night.

Looks like Jackson is making himself at home in D.C.

Photo courtesy of the Huxley

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    What an insane waste, especially since Moet is pretty much indistinguishable from house champagne in a blind taste test. of course, it's not the drinking experience he's paying for; he's just paying it to get attention for paying it. Homeless people are freezing to death, dude.