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The Needle: Save the PBRs

Chopped House: Mythology Modern Chop House/Lore Lounge is opening on H Street NE next year and wants to start a wave of more upscale eateries and bars in the area. First, there are already upscale places there. And second, that sounds like a terrible idea—everyone loves tater tots and PBR. -4

Puff College: And the commencement speaker for Howard University this year...Sean Combs, also known as P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, and Diddy. There's some potential for a quote-worthy speech here. +3

Mama Mia: In its first year, Bloomgindale's Red Hen served 8,200 plates of its rigatoni. +2

Blowing Blossoms: Miss the cherry blossoms this weekend? Too bad, the large rain and winds today largely blew them away. -3

Friday's Needle rating: 68 Today's score: -2 Today's Needle rating: 66

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