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The Needle: One Night in Echostage

DJ Hilton: Paris Hilton will be playing her "first-ever DJ set" at Echostage. Tickets go on sale today. Enough said. +5

Oy Vey: BLT Steak is trying to upscale the unsexy gefilte fish this Passover with a dish that serves four lumps of pike "gefilte" fish with English pea veloute and pickled chanterelles for a staggering $35. -3

Work Day: The lovely weather D.C. had over the weekend will be nothing but a memory come Tuesday night, when the forecast calls for cold rain and possibly snow. And the worst part of all: No snow day! -4

Double VictoryIn a once-unthinkable feat, D.C. United just won two games in a row. +2

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  • Typical DC BS

    Paris Hilton coming to DC is a +5? Why would that be? She's ONLY known for being a half-wit porn star that had a brief moment of fame almost a decade ago. She comes from an incredibly wealthy family and her main claim to fame now is being a DJ?

    Please, your rating system needs a major reset.