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Two Students Die From Apparent Suicides at GWU This Week

Two George Washington University undergraduates died this week in on-campus dormitories, the president of the university wrote in two separate letters to the GW community. Both deaths were apparent suicides.

A female fourth-year chemistry major, Lynley Redwood, was found dead in her room Tuesday in West Hall on the Mount Vernon campus, President Steven Knapp wrote  in a campus-wide letter that day. There was no indication that any criminal act was involved in her death. And this morning, Knapp posted another message saying that Ben Asma, a first-year honor student also living in West Hall, died. There was also no indication of a criminal act in his death.

"I write with deep sadness to report the tragic loss of another member of our student body," Knapp wrote today.

Police say Asma attempted suicide on Tuesday and was transported to the hospital with severe injuries. Knapp's letter did not say when he died.

In January, GW freshman Sean Keefer was also found dead of apparent suicide in his room in West Hall.

"Once again, I urge all members of our community to take care of ourselves and of one another," the university president wrote today. "If you feel that you or someone you know needs help coping with this tragedy, please know that help is available on both the Foggy Bottom and the Mount Vernon Campuses through the University Counseling Center (UCC), which is now offering expanded counseling hours at West Hall."

Correction: Due to a reporting error, this post originally incorrectly described the letters from Knapp. Those letters did not specify any cause of death.

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  • Concerned

    As the body of your article clarifies, your lead sentence is flat wrong: "Two George Washington University undergraduates died this week in on-campus dormitories". In fact the two students died in *exactly the same dormitory*, West Hall.

    And, as your article also points out, a *third* GWU student killed himself just weeks ago -- *also* in West Hall.

    One student death is a tragedy; two is beyond comprehension. But *three*?? And all in exactly the same place?

    The GW administration is carefully stepping around the fact that these are multiple deaths, and all in the same freshman dorm. Notice, in anything you read about any one of the deaths under President Knapp's name or anywhere else on GW letterhead, the conspicuous absence of any reference to either of the two student deaths. Clearly GW is hoping and praying no one notices. And, so far, no one has.

    Doesn't *anyone* wonder what it is about this one freshman dorm -- GW hasn't reported any other student deaths on the campus -- that makes its residents want to kill themselves??

  • Concerned

    Meant to note "...the conspicuous absence of any reference [in anything published by GW about one of the deaths] to either of the ^other^ two student deaths".