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The Needle: Snyder vs. Colbert

Colbert Kerfuffle: Stephen Colbert takes on Dan Snyder for starting a charity to benefit Native Americans rather than actually changing his team's racist name. As Colbert points out, the charity's official name, "the Washington [Pigskins] Original Americans Foundation," actually contains the word Snyder's critics say he should stop using. The segment and Colbert's now-deleted tweet about it, though, had people calling foul, saying that Colbert was the racist one (you have to watch the segment to see where the complaints are coming from), and the detractors even got the hashtag #CancelColbert trending on Twitter—which means Colbert, not Snyder, has now gotten more bad press out of the whole thing. -1

Orange and Blue Haired: A 70-year-old University of Virginia undergrad is a fixture at basketball games and is part of the "Hoo Crew," the student section alongside the court. +5

Foreign Dogs: Ten dogs from Sochi, Russia, that were saved during the Olympics arrived at Dulles yesterday. +2

Cupcake Fix: Washington Business Journal reports that Georgetown will definitely be getting a a 24-hour cupcake ATM outside of Sprinkles on 3015 M St. NW. Let's hope this isn't all that the future holds. -3

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  • Big night is on, gotta watch

    I prefer mr Colbert to that turd mr snyder.

    Turd turd turd.

    Y'all forget he's the turd that sued you for pointing out he's a turd?

    What's up with the press?

  • http://yahoo James

    Colbert was just trying to make a point,when the wasington
    paper wrote about Snyder investment and the fax of him be a jew he sued.If he was in a room with native americans would he use the word redskin ,black are being told they can,t use the N word when talking to each other in the game is okay for blacks or white to call natives americans redskins in the games