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Metro Approves Fare Hikes. Here’s What You’ll Be Paying.

The Metro Board of Directors approved its fiscal year 2015 budget today, which, as expected, included fare hikes on buses, trains, and parking.

The fares go in effect July 1, 2014. Here it is, in dollars and cents:


  • Fares will increase about 10 cents per trip, or by about 3 percent.
  • Short trips of 3 miles or less will increase from $1.70 to $1.75 during off-peak hours and from $2.10 to 2.15 during rush hour.
  • The maximum rail fare during rush hours will increase from $5.75 to $5.90.  The off-peak maximum will increase from $3.50 to $3.60.
  • A $1 charge will still be applied to trips taken with a paper farecard.
  • Passes will increase to the following prices:
    • Unlimited one-day pass  $14.50
    • Unlimited seven-day pass  $59.25
    • Unlimited 28-day pass   $237.00
    • Seven-day "short trip" pass  $36.00


  • Regular bus fares increase to $1.75, regardless of whether using cash or SmarTrip. Fares are currently $1.60 for SmarTrip and $1.80 when using cash.
  • Senior and disabled fares will increase to 85 cents, from 80 cents today.
  • Transfer discounts will remain the same.
  • The seven-day regional bus pass will increase to $17.50, from $16.00 today.


  • Parking rates at all Metro-operated facilities will increase by 10 cents.


  • MetroAccess fares will continue to be two times the fastest rail or bus trip.
  • The maximum MetroAccess fare will be lowered from $7 today to $6.50.
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  • Typical DC BS

    Heaven forbid that a foreign concept like cutting costs enters their minds, or even holding the line on payroll costs. Funny how Metro employees were the ONLY employees in this entire area that demanded and got raises all the way through the recession.

    Maybe the City Paper can devote some time to analyzing their union pay scales - I guarantee they'll find plenty of eye-opening "benefits" and retirement scams.

  • Ron The Don

    The District, Maryland and Virginia announced last month that they were giving $75 million to fund Metro. So, the announcement of the new fare hikes will come with heavy scrutiny. I suspect the executives at WMATA had this in the work before that announcement.

  • Tbonebullets

    It is now officially cheaper to drive to work than to take Metro, if you can get to the parking lot before 9:00 and pay the "early bird" rate.

  • petworthy

    It's been cheaper to drive for years now. I'm not even including the hours of travel time saved daily. Metro is for the very rich, who can afford the fares and the house to live near a Metro stop, or the poor, who have no choice. The reset of us drive.

  • Reality Check 2014

    Metro are the biggest scammers in the DCM metropolitan area. Service has worsened, but fares regularly increase, only to pad the pockets of WMATA employees who double their incomes in overtime, and whose big wigs have padded bonuses. those increased fares are used for nothing more than to pay the pensions of retirees, and issue inappropriate raises to the underperforming staff. And since the Federal Gov't subsidizes much of the costs for the employees to use metro, they will keep increasing fares, because they know that most riders feel they have no choice and will not boycott it. Personally, I haven't used metro in years and don't plan to. I'll get a second job just to pay for parking if I have to!!!!!