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GWU Students Are Not Impressed With José Andrés as Commencement Speaker

George Washington University announced Wednesday that D.C. Chef José Andrés would deliver the university's 2014 commencement address. Andrés, who teaches a course at GW, owns popular D.C. restaurants like Jaleo, Zaytinya, and Oyamel—restaurants that GW students likely flock to when their parents come to town. But still, GW students and alum seemed to have wanted a bigger—or at least more political—name.

While there were people on social media who applauded the speaker choice, there were a whole lot of unimpressed students and alumni. Some made solid jokes, some made moderately funny jokes, and no one hid their feelings about their longing for the Bob Dole days.




Photo by Jessica Sidman.

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  • Darth

    In response to @MrBoErickson, GW students are horrible people in general.

  • Jes’ sayin

    Dave Thomas would have been a better choice. His food is more affordable, just as unhealthy, and they named a DC traffic circle after him.

    But he's dead, so guess that eliminates him.

    So maybe they'll consider Ronald McDonald and Mayor McCheese. At least they'll be brief and entertaining for the younger set.

  • GW Alum

    Considering that TIME Magazine considered James Beard-Award-Winning Chef José Andrés in company of President Obama, a Supreme Court Justice, agents of social change and other notable icons in the Top 100 Most Influential People of 2012, I am proud to say that I attended an institution who would invite Jose Andrés to be the commencement speaker. Not just a chef, Mr. Andrés is an entrepreneur who represents the American Dream. I encourage those who question the choice to take a moment to read about his background. Taking his talents out of the kitchen, he is an advocate for hunger and nutrition issues, runs a nonprofit and serves as a culinary ambassador at the global and local levels. As the Washington City Paper, I would think that when describing who he is you would include in your report the fact that he is chairman emeritus of Washington’s D.C. Central Kitchen.

    Way to go GW for celebrating the accomplishments of José Andrés. I look forward to hearing the inspiring words he shares with the graduates of the class of 2014.