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Eleanor Holmes Norton Isn’t Happy About TSA License Blunder

The argument for D.C. statehood gained a colorful anecdote yesterday when the Washington Post reported that a TSA agent in Phoenix questioned the legitimacy of a woman's D.C. driver's license because it was not "state-issued," as is required by law.

The story made waves in the D.C. pro-statehood sphere and Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (who, ahem, doesn't have a vote in Congress) announced today that she wrote a letter to TSA Administrator John Pistole requesting he train his employees to know that D.C.-issued IDs should be treated as state-issued IDs.

Norton then reminded Pistole that, despite not having voting representation in Congress, D.C. residents are actually U.S. citizens.

"While D.C. residents are undemocratically denied voting representation in the House and Senate and full control over their local laws and budget, our residents are American citizens who have all the other rights of citizens, including using D.C.-issued identification to travel by airplane," she wrote.

The congresswoman also released a statement yesterday saying, "the daily disrespect of requiring D.C. residents to pay up on April 15 without a vote in the House or the Senate has now been dramatically personified in the insult to one of our own."

Photo by Darrow Montgomery.

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  • Typical DC BS

    I thought that annoying whining today sounded like Norton.

  • Jes’ sayin’

    She should introduce herself to the New Mexico Congressional delegation and ask them about this matter.

    For decades, New Mexico residents have been asked for passports, questioned, and denied entry all over the U-S. Millions of Americans think New Mexico is part of Mexico. And some of the misguided and misinformed work for TSA.

    In fact, for years, New Mexico Magazine (a monthly) had one its inside last page a feature entitled "One of our 50 is Missing." It was a roundup of anecdotes regarding airports, DMV's, cops, salespeople, and others telling New Mexicans that they weren't U-S citizens.

  • watchdogdc

    It's amazing that this is the top priority for Ms. Norton when you have a complete public service like the Fire and EMS Department in complete shambles due to mismanagement from the top. As a result of Chief Ellerbe's mismanagement which he has tried to blame on the rank and file from day one several people have died and there is no mention of this problem from Ms. Norton. All of the items Chief Ellerbe has tried to blame on the Firefighters has been proven by details contained within IG Reports to be a result of mismanagement by the administration. The current situation does place blame on the inactions of several of the Departments members who should be held accountable and terminated period. However there is a larger problem that also is apparent and that is the lack of oversight of the cadet program which was highlighted by a recent newspaper article. The statement by Firefighter Remy Jones claiming he did not know what to do when some one came to the station for help was one of two things either a complete lie by Firefighter Jones who has had numerous issues including insubordination while at the training academy or a failure by the Director of the training academy to ensure the training was being administered in the manner it is intended to be. My guess is it's could be a little of both. The Cadets receive 18 months worth of training while in the program apposed to the 6 months of training that is administered to any other recruit that takes the entrance exam which equates to 3 times the training time so there should be no excuse for the cadet not knowing what to do. It appears that there is some other standard in place for the agencies training academy which has seen it's own share of scandals under Ellerbe such as the burning of training records, the sexual misconduct by instructors of the training academies cadet program instructors, the use of Cadets to wash the personal vehicles of their instructors and now Cadet Jones indicating he had know idea what to do when it came to helping Mr. Mills. It appears the Deputy Chief of the training academy is not being held to any standard at all the same person has been assigned there during this time frame of failures. Other Chief officers have been demoted and forced into retirement by Ellerbe for less. I guess the training director is just another one of Ellerbe's puppets. and as I started saying where is Eleanor on these issues not a peep from her SAD,SAD,SAD.