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Freak Out! Comcast Service Out Across Much of D.C.

Here's what we know: Internet in our office is out, Comcast service is frozen across much of D.C., and a Comcast customer service rep tells our office he doesn't know when it will be restored. A spokesperson for Comcast didn't immediately return a call.

If you're able to get online and dismayed that Twitter has suddenly become a ghost town, feel free to vent in these comments.

Update, 3:46 p.m. Service has been restored, says a Comcast spokesperson.

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  • Sam Marrero

    Its about time to bust up the Comcast monopoly.

  • Sadie

    Was out for me at home and at Blind Dog cafe. But as of 2:45pm EST It's back now in Columbia Heights!

  • adam THEO

    Heartily agree, Sam. The fact that Comcast has such a lock on the area, to the exclusion of anything else (even Verizon FIOS doesn't seem to be available in many places I've looked at moving into) is a horrible situation for DC and Arlington.