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The Needle: Sex Capital

I Couldn't Possibly Comment: Robin Wright, the actress who plays Claire Underwood, in House of Cards says D.C. is sleazier than Hollywood and journalists sleep with sources and Congressman in real life. We want names! -1

Dirty & Deluca: The Health Department shut down Dean & Deluca in Georgetown...again. -2

Rock On: Watch this dude take D.C. street music to the next level, ripping it outside the Dupont Metro. +2

Getting Jiggy With It: Vince Orange shamelessly breaks it down in his latest campaign video. +2

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  • Typical DC BS

    Robin Wright is commenting on sleaze? Please. She was married to a complete sleazeball, Sean Penn, for 14 years and lived with him for 6 years before that. I will give her credit for recognizing assholes - she put up with one for 2 decades.