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D.C. Police Finally Get Raises, Union Says It’s Not Enough

D.C. police officers will finally receive a pay increase after six years of stagnant wages, but the police union says the initial 4 percent salary hike is just too little, too late.

Under an arbitrator's ruling made Monday night, police officers would get a 4 percent raise retroactively from April 2013 on, no pay increase in 2014, and then a 3 percent bump each year from 2015 to 2017.

The Fraternal Order of Police had lobbied for a 3 percent retroactive raise from 2009 on, and a 4 percent raise in the sixth year of the contract. City officials and the union have been at a standstill over contract negotiations for years, and the city vowed not to give the officers raises until it reached an agreement with the union.

"While I am pleased that we will have a contract that takes us through Fiscal Year 2017, I am disappointed that it took this long to reach a result," Police Chief Cathy Lanier said in a release.

But despite finally have a contract, it doesn't look like the relationship between the city and its police force will be smoothed anytime soon.

"Vincent Gray has permanently poisoned the District’s relationship with its police officers,"  says union chairman Kristopher Baumann, who will not run for reelection and is stepping down from his post in April.

The mayor's office blames Baumann for stalling the negotiation process and says if it hadn't been for the union boss, police officers would have gotten wages years ago—and possibly bigger ones if Baumann hadn't allowed contract negotiations go to arbitration. Baumann disputes that claim.

"He’s done a huge disservice to his members," Gray spokesman Pedro Ribeiro says"The police officers are where they are now because of their failed union leadership.”

Additional reporting by Will Sommer

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • fred

    To my fellow officers in blue, don't let any of those MPD officials try to tell you the grass isn't greener on the other side just to get you to stay, there is some great jobs out here in security and other law enforcement agencies that pay better then DC. I am telling you first hand. I left MPD last year and now working in a Virginia police department. The pay is a little more plus the working conditions are much better. I am off every other weekend and the citizens actually say hello to you. Maybe one day the residents of DC will wake up and see all their tax dollars going to waste with good cops leave. keep you head high and be safe.

  • James

    Hey Pedro quit telling lies you know as well as everyone else the city did everything in their power to NOT negotiate with the union. Lets see how much did DCFD get for the first 3 Years from the City 0 0and 0 i believe.Where is their big raise and DCFD did negotiate. and for Lanier and Grey to blame the union. What a puppet she was in this cant imagine deep down she wanted to screw her people but again she did nice going Chief lets see your making like 254 thousand and a surrounding Chief makes like 185 thousand. I can see now why u sided with the City. Great Morale Booster.

  • Dedicated

    It saddens me deeply that for over 21 years I've put my life in danger spent countless hours away from my family and I ask for nothing in return but safe and fair working conditions and a decent wage. For this the appointed and elected officials of Washington D.C. the most powerful city in our nation not only works to take away my safe working conditions it also blames the person I trust to speak for and stand up for me and all my brothers and sisters for its unreasonable and unfair treatment. I am dedicated to the citizens of this city and will continue to give them my very best service despite the deplorable way our rank and file are being treated.

  • David

    Chief Lanier stated in an email to the force today that "the amount of the raises are in line with the rest of the city work force." I'm sorry, are we of the same value as the trash collectors and ticket writers? Your emails aren't worth the bandwidth they're being sent on. When you have to write emails defending your actions it just makes things worse. No reasonable officer on this department believes anything that comes out of your mouth or from your email account.

    Chief, I'll bet my 4% raise against your 45% raise you won't come around to roll calls and peddle that BS that we got a fair deal. You said last Spring on Newstalk that "We're the best police department in the world and everybody wants us" when asked why we were down in Charlotte for the DNC. You have a funny way of showing the rank and file you think we're the best. We should be the gold standard in law enforcement, and right now we're anything but.

    Abraham Lincoln is rolling over in his grave at how much the Chief has run this place into the ground.

  • Double JJ

    So give it back. Refuse to take such a paltry raise you GREEDY UNION PIGS. It's 12% over four years, not too shabby when you can retire after 20 years.

  • RON

    You can't trust a vampire. Count Gray will probably win again though. How many scandals will there be in his next term? 1, ah, ah- 2, ah ah- 3 ah, ah….

  • John

    You are all right. Only if the citizens really knew. Yesterday in roll call there were four officers alone getting ready to be hired by other agencies. A friend from PG County told me that they are still hiring and getting ready to increase their number. He joked that even in PG the working conditions are better then MPD.

  • justsayin

    This citizen would prefer to see our part-time employed, useless, grab-azz city council, mayor and many of these windbag appointed and otherwise "official" types who show up at our community meetings and try to act important, take a pay cut, stfu and stfd. Many of us know that the greatest risks in public safety are placed on the rank and file, and it's offensive to expect anyone to accept these risks, but not expect to be fairly compensated.

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  • Typical DC BS

    Amazing how entitled our police officers seem to be. OMG - no raises for several years. Guess what - welcome to the world the REST OF US inhabit. When you can retire in your 40's or 50's, and get a second job while you collect a pension, WE DON'T WANT TO HEAR YOU WHINE.

    You did hear of the financial problems in the world the past few years? HMMMMM? Sorry your PUBLIC SECTOR jobs were impacted like everyone else's (except the Metro mopes). Get over it.

  • Corky

    You know what? If these officers don;t like it, they are free to go to other jurisdictions and run prostitution rings, steal drugs from evidence rooms and take pictures of underage girls. Most people would love to have the pension benefits and other perks that MPD gets and many would love to just have ANY raise. What a bunch of whiners.

  • mike

    Typical DC BS and Corky.. if you think its so great why don't you put on a uniform and go out there and work on the DC streets, you both won't last one night. It always amazes me how people think cops make so much money then they do, but won't do the job themselves. MPD is always looking for people, you should join. Furthermore, the few bad apples that MPD has can't get jobs elsewhere. You just don't get the point that some of the post are trying to make, DC tax payers are paying big money (yes your tax dollars) for officers to leave to other departments. Most departments are competing for the best, and yes MPD's best are leaving to take those jobs.

  • forgetaboutit

    To my brother and sisters and blue, you aint gonna change anyone's mind. People like Corky and this other asshole will always like to see you lose. They are to stupid to realize that a high turn over rate cost the tax payer more money that a pay raise. They also don't know shit about your pension and that it is well funded by the members. They made easy choices in life you made a hard one. We do however have low life scumbags on our job that makes it even harder to get people to support us. If you came on this job to be liked, supported or paid you made a bad move. You young guys, get out, guys like me who will be out in the next few lives, live long and get these mugs for every penny you can. Trust me you will have the last laugh. You work for a city that give more of a fuck about new garbage cans and rights for illegal aliens than they do about you. In a few years these same shitheads will be on here crying that there are no police in their neighborhood. BTW to you IAD people that monitor this, I am a citizen of the United States of America and I am exercising protections afforded me by the Constitution of the United States of America