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The Needle: Whatta Zoo

Animal HouseA lot of animal news today. First, Rusty the red panda was exiled from the National Zoo to go mate in Virginia because Bao Bao was causing too much of a raucous. Then the rare snowy owl that came to D.C. for a visit was struck by a bus! -3

Axis of Evil: Dan Snyder's chosen advisors to defend his team's name? Well, let's just say we hope that he is just trying to troll everyone big time. -3

Heat Wave: Tomorrow's temperatures could reach the 40s! +4

Fancy Georgetown: Georgetown 2028 announced today that it has raised half of the necessary funds to commission a feasibility study that would determine whether it is possible to move forward with plans to have a gondola connecting Georgetown and Rosslyn. -2

Yesterday's Needle rating: 42 Today's score: -4 Today's Needle rating: 38

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