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Coming to the Post: More Blogs, More Magazine

The Washington Post may be down at least two wunderkinds, but Executive Editor Marty Baron announced today that the paper still has ambitious plans for the future.

In his memo to staff, which was obtained by Poynter, Baron said the Post plans to increase its political reporting staff by five early this year, hire writers to "author 'verticals' on a wide array of subjects," and introduce a Sunday Style & Arts section this spring. (Currently the post publishes separate arts and style sections on Sunday.) A site redesign is also in the works, as are plans to launch a breaking news desk and expand the Sunday magazine.

Earlier in the week, the Post announced that it hired National Journal's executive editor Adam Kushner to head up a new digital opinion and analysis operation. Baron said the paper is now beginning to hire for that.

As for the properties that Klein leaves behind, Baron writes that the paper will continue its "years of robust and enthusiastic investment in Wonkblog (and its most recent spinoff, KnowMore)."

Read the full memo here.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • Chris

    In other words, in another cost-saving measure, the arts and style sections will be smushed into one section, probably 4 pages in length, and they won't get rid of Wonkblog.

    2 observations:

    1. The more they do to emasculate the print edition, the less reason that those of us who still subscribe to it will have to continue to do so.
    2. As far as their blogging, why the heck did they ever get rid of David Malitz's blog about the local music scene? Music coverage should be expanded beyond Chris Richards' all-too-infrequent articles and a small number of album reviews. That's my US$0.02, anyway.