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Woman Goes into Labor During Rush Hour on X2 Bus

The already over-crowded X2 bus route almost got a little more crowded today during rush hour. A woman went into labor on the bus at around 9 a.m. at 21st Street and Benning Road NE, a spokeswoman for WMATA confirmed.

D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services transported the woman to an area hospital. She appeared to be doing fine, but FEMS could not confirm whether she gave birth yet.

This is just the latest tale ( a seemingly happy tale this time!) from the X2 bus route, which the Post's Clinton Yates called last week "undoubtedly a wild one."

The popular route goes from downtown to H Street NE and ends east of the Anacostia River at the Minnesota Avenue Metro stop. Over the summer, the line made headlines when a woman allegedly assaulted the driver on her bus. This prompted the local blog Frozen Tropics to ask readers to share their stories from the bus line.

And Twitter already had a little fun at the X2's expense this morning with the labor news:

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • GoldCoastKid

    50 bucks says she names the kid either "Unique WMATA Escalade", or "D'Anthony Xavier Two", or "Benninglicious Baby Jones"... or some other ridic variation.

  • blkwrestl

    same wingnuts (2 twitterer's) who will be taking the street car to get away from the X@

  • Mr Jungle Cat Poles

    I was on this bus today. And all I could hear was people complaining about getting to work, and to put the girl off the bus. The girl was screaming and crying and people were like, "She needs to get off the bus and wait for the ambulance so we can keep going!" I even heard somebody say, "Her dumb ass should already be in the hospital." I was disgusted by the amount of selfish people on the #x2 today. Put a pregnant girl in labor off the bus in the winter time so you can keep going to work? DC is full of demons!!! I'm so disappointed in people.

  • Corky

    Well, they will see a lot of the X2 because they will be stuck behind it on H street becuase the trolley's tracks run right into the back of the X2 when it pulls over to pick up and drop off passengers. #trafficnightmare waitingtohappen

  • 20011

    No shit, the X2? I would have NEVER imagined.

  • Kes

    21st & Benning? That's soo close to the Developing Families Center behind the Safeway. I hope they took her there, that place is awesome.