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The Needle: Shelter From the Storm

Storm Watchers: Mayor Vince Gray says he'll monitor the weather to determine whether the city would close tomorrow. In the meantime, the city has set up additional emergency shelters and warming stations for those in need throughout the city. +3

The End of the World: People need to eat, and eat well, during a polar vortex. The line at the Logan Circle Whole Foods was reportedly 30 to 45 minutes long this morning. -3

Bad Neighbor: Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife were indicted today on federal corruption charges and, thanks to all the fancy things they received, the indictment is a pretty good read. +2

Don't Go There: You may feel relaxed and ready to go out after the snow day, but many places are closed. -2

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  • John Smith

    Hasn't been much of a snowstorm, don't know why everyone is so worried about tomorrow. First they say 1-3, then 4-8, then 6-10. Turns out the original forecast was correct we have about 3 inches here 26 miles southwest of National Airport. Most likely they didn't even get 2 and are barely below freezing.