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The District Wants Cabs to Hurry Up and Adopt New Color Scheme

The D.C. Taxicab Commission wants the District's 6,500 cabs to adopt the new red and grey uniform color scheme sooner than required, announcing today the launch of an incentive program to encourage drivers to get their vehicles repainted.

The program offers drivers a $200 voucher to get their cab painted, a process that typically runs drivers between $400 and $600, according to the commission. There are 3,000 vouchers available on a first-come-first served basis beginning today.

The commission estimates that about 1,000 cabs have already donned the new paint scheme, meaning that more than half of the cab drivers who haven't yet conformed to the new style will be able to get the voucher.

Cab drivers aren't required to adopt the new design until they get a new cab or are repainting their old one. All vehicles manufactured in 2004 or earlier must be removed from service before January 1, 2015. By 2018, no cab in service may be older than seven model years.

Vouchers and instructions are available here.

Photos courtesy D.C. Taxicab Commission

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  • Rider

    So it will take four more years to get 7+ year-old cabs off the streets? Why so long? In New York the age limit is five years, and has been for decades. How 'bout this? Vehicles more than FIVE years old CAN'T get the new paint job, so we'll be able to spot the rusty rattletraps before they try to pick us up.

  • Non-Rider

    We have much bigger problems than the color of the taxis. They are terrible and inconsiderate drivers. I wouldn't usually paint them all with the same brush, but that's the move lately, amirite?

    Ill get my coat.

  • 7r3y3r

    That's a nice shade of red. Too bad the cabs are being painted with some light red color instead.