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The Needle: Blistering Biking

Cold Chasers: D.C. is full of crazies. Capital Bikeshare registered 2,338 rides during yesterday's polar vortex. That means there were a significant number of people biking in weather that felt like – 7 degrees. +2

Tuskgate: Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie gifted the District some elephant tusks during his 1954 world tour. But in August, someone apparently stole them. Whodunnit? -3

Showtime!: There's a new six-screen Landmark Theatres coming to the U Street NW area. +6

Shhhh: The ex-Brooklynite head of the D.C. public library system will be replaced by another ex-Brooklynite. And since, as they say, D.C. is the second Brooklyn... +2

Yesterday's Needle rating: 67 Today's score: +7 Today's Needle rating: 74

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  • Milton Noones

    Got dressed like I was going skiing and biked on Tuesday morning. The ski goggles made it quite trippy at 6:50ish am. I was sweating by the time I got downtown. The key is gear and no skin exposure.