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The Needle: Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Edition

Extra Special: Beginning later this month, Virginia bars will finally be allowed to acknowledge that they offer happy hour—but they'll still be barred from advertising specific happy-hour specials. +1

Thin 'Skins: According to a new poll, a majority of American voters do not think the Washington football team should change its name. - 7

Pot Ticket: The president of the Maryland Senate says he supports legalizing marijuana. +7

Brrrr Is the Word: Grab your pajamas and mulled cider—it's going to be fucking cold tonight-3

Monday's Needle rating: 78 Today's score: -2 Friday bonus: +Today's Needle rating: 78

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  • Typical DC BS

    Funny how only the left wing pantywaists continue to whine about the REDSKINS name. The culture of constant whining needs to stop. NOBODY except those looking for a ridiculous reason to be offended cares about the name "REDSKINS".

    Get over it, in the words of Mayor-for-life Marion Barry.