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District Line Daily: Modest Snowfall Fallout

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Last night's winter storm left a modest one to three inches of snow in the District but still created a bit of havoc this morning. The federal government remained open, but the weather forced local school district closures, dozens of flight cancellations, and thousands of residential power outages. Also, it was really cold.


  • D.C. residents who legally own guns must renew their registration before April. Gun owners that don't make the trek to police headquarters, submit fingerprints, and pay $48 for a renewal and background check face cancelation of their registration. [WJLA]
  • Two armed robberies occurred in normally quiet Shepherd Park in the past week, including one incident in which a nanny was robbed at gunpoint. No arrests have been made in either case. [WTOP]
  • Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells scheduled a hearing on police officer misconduct. The announcement comes on the heels of three arrests of officers—two for sex-related crimes and one with attempted murder. [Post]


Beyond Barn Wood: Local restaurant decor is no longer limited to reclaimed wood—think tractor seats used as stools and engine parts made into chandeliers.

And Then There Were Seven: All the major D.C. mayoral candidates turned in enough signatures to qualify for April's primary ballot.

Separation Anxiety: The Housing Authority proposes separating some affordable and market housing in Capitol Riverfront.

LOOSE LIPS LINKS, by Will Sommer. (tips?

  • Nine mayoral candidates turn in mayoral signatures.  [PostLLWashingtonian]
  • Shadow senate hopeful Pete Ross gets a fine. [LL]
  • Housing Authority wants to separate affordable housing in Capitol Riverfront development. [Housing Complex]
  • District enters budget autonomy limbo. [WAMU]
  • Tommy Wells plans a hearing on alleged miscreant cops. [Post]
  • MPD starts gun registration renewals. [Times]
  • Post ed board trashes Parks and Recreation trip during shutdown. [Post]
  • More crowdfunding for H Street [Post]

HOUSING COMPLEX LINKS, by Aaron Wiener. (tips

  • Flawed assumptions cause new Metro lines to cater to suburbanites. [GGW]
  • A closer look at the crowdfunded development coming to H Street NE. [Post]
  • 2013 was not a good year for art galleries. [Arts Desk]
  • Early American urban planning wasn't very ambitious. [Atlantic Cities]
  • The Streetsie awards for urbanism in 2013 [Streetsblog]
  • Unlike anticipated snow, actual snow isn't shutting down the city. [AP]
  • Today on the market: MacArthur Boulevard 1BR—$355,000

ARTS LINKS, by Ally Schweitzer. (tips?

  • The development of the R.L. Christian Library site on H Street NE, brought to you by crowdfunding. [Post]
  • A local chapter of the Audubon Society is in the process of surveying Wolf Trap's birds. [Post]
  • In the trailer for a local documentary, a D.C. bike thief explains what he does with his dirty money. (Buys sex.) [DCist]
  • In a classy move, Madam's Organ trashes Tryst's owner on Facebook. [PoPville]
  • From gay club to Indian grocery store? [Curbed]
  • Extremely prolific local rock blogger David Hintz names his favorite shows of the year. [DC Rock Live]

FOOD LINKS, by Jessica Sidman. (tips?

  • Minibar raises price from $225 to $250 per person. [Eater]
  • Chivito throwdown: Fast Gourmet vs. G Sandwich [Post]
  • Cocktails with alleged health benefits [Express]
  • Is giving prisoners nutraloaf—"the loaf"—cruel punishment? [NPR]
  • Madam's Organ voices beef with neighbor Tryst. [PoPville]
  • Foodie resolutions for 2014 [Zagat]
  • More pasta ragu? Shooting of Rock Creek Park deer to resume. [DCist]
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  • Ward-8

    I wonder if they are going to send notices to the Thugs in DC, Dang!,forgot, the thugs don't have to register their guns only the law abiding folks do, just saying. Here goes wana be Mayor Tommy(Never will be mayor) Wells holding a hearing on bad Police officers, a waste of Tax payers money, you have bad apples in every Organization even the CIA and the FBI had bad characters among them and they have the best screening process in the world, moreover if Wana be Mayor Wells have no ideas about bad characters in Public service he need not look any further than the City Council on which he sits, Lets see; Mayor For Life Barry; Fully Loaded Brown; Michael (Bribe) Brown; Harry (Thief) Thomas Jr. and less we not forget Jim (Taxi/Lottery Bribe) Graham but then again that is too much like right, in his mind, it don't look mayoral unless you run a bamboozle BS hearing.Go figure.