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ZengoLogan5 Reinvent the Wheel
For those who out-Zumbaed themselves in 2013, newly opened Zengo Cycle provides a high-end indoor cycling studio for vigorous cardio, strength-training, and core workouts set to heart-pumping music. $21 per class, five classes for $100.00. Zengo Cycle, 1508 14th St. NW. (301) 312-6658M-61_HydraboostMoisturizer







Amazing Face
Exclusively at Bluemercury, this facial uses the super-concentrated, paraben-free products from m-61. Go & Glow facial, $95. Bluemercury, multiple locations.


Spa Couples Suite with Model
In Cold Mud
You don’t have to leave town to experience the food of restaurateurs Todd and Ellen Gray, but if you want it accompanied by a Moroccan-inspired Rasul mud bath, you’ll have to head out to Middleburg. Twenty-five minute Rasul, $105. Salamander Resort and Spa, 500 North Pendleton St. Middleburg, Va. (866) 938-7370


Barbershop Quartet
The four horsemen of the Wise Owl Club’s chipper shave: straight razor, hot lather, hot towels, and a facial massage. Chipper Shave, $40. Wise Owl Club, 2010 18th St. NW. (202) 705-9425

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