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The Needle: Now Fire the Owner Edition

Losing Team With Vexing Owner ISO New Coach: Mike Shanahan will be paid $7 million not to coach the Washington Pigskins next year, as the team fired him and most of the rest of its coaching staff, a day after ending this year's 3-13 season with a loss to the New York Giants. Shanahan won the same percentage of the games he coached here as Jim Zorn and Steve Spurrier did. Which is to say, not very many of them. -7

On Snow, You Know Nothing: There could be a "significant" winter storm here Thursday, but it's too early to tell just by looking at computer models. That hasn't stopped some meteorologists from predicting big snow totals, or others from subtweeting them. +2

(Population) Boomtown: About 13,000 more people lived in D.C. in July 2013 than in July 2012, per new Census Bureau estimates out today. That means the District continued to grow at about 2 percent annually, nearly three times as fast as the nation as a whole. D.C.'s population remains bigger than Wyoming's or Vermont's, which means—now more than ever—we should consider stealing Wyoming's Senate delegation. +3

Metro Opens Beers: Riding Metro while drunk could lead you to plunge off escalators and/or stride off of subway platforms. Consider yourself warned. -2

Friday's Needle rating: 80 Today's score: -4 Today's Needle rating: 76

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  • Chris hauser

    Picking on Danny is easy. If he's ignored, maybe he'll go away.

  • Redskin Joe


  • Lombardi

    Short little Danny is a nasty disaster. As this once platinum franchise continues to devalue the market will cut him off at the knees.

    There is an intangible momentum around these things (see Tom Benson and the underdog Saints and the city of New Orleans) and with little Danny the momentum is always circling the drain.