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The Needle: Mr. Georgetown Goes Hollywood

This Town: Councilmember and mayoral hopeful Jack Evans wants to put $25 million into an incentive fund to entice movies and TV shows to film in D.C.—a surefire strategy for acquiring more photos of him posing celebrities for his vanity wall. -5

And the Winner is...: Democrat Mark Herring. The Virginia attorney general race (yep, the one from early November) has finally been called, and it's being hailed as one of the closest in modern Virginia history. Close watchers of the commonwealth's politics: You can finally breath. +2

Too Sexy for My Art Gallery:  The city's most notorious and nudity-friendly art gallery, MOCA DC, closed its doors in Georgetown's Canal Square. -3

Gogurt: In an attempt to sell more non-GMO products, Whole Foods will stop selling Chobani Greek yogurt. This could create a big opening for the new Giant at O Street Market. -1

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  • SnarkMeNot

    That crack about Jack Evans and the photos on his wall was just snarky. Actually it is about time someone addressed the natural revenue stream and jobs engine that film and TV production could be for DC. Clearly Vinnie "lets count Tony Williams cranes in the sky" Gray doesn't get it having brought back the notoriously incompetent Crystal Palmer (who he did have the good sense recently to fire). Palmer is the main reason it has been such a dismal failure here and is twenty years behind schedule.

    God forbid any of you in the local media could try to comprehend any economic development driver other then real estate but consider this...Washington has more theater seats than any other city in the world besides New York which unto itself represents about 6,000 local jobs.

    The New York Times recently ran a op-ed praising the Mayor's film arm there on the success of their program to recapture film/tv production set in New York but using facsimile to film elsewhere. That success represents 7.1 billion in annual direct spending in the City of New York and supports 130, 000 jobs. Perhaps Mr. Evans has something on his mind other then photos here Mr. Stein, like jobs and training for folks who don't necessarily thrive in an academic environment.

  • SnarkMeNot

    For what possible reason was my comment on the Evans story not approved other than it did not support an agenda? Interesting, hmmm?

  • Perry Stein

    Sorry not sure why that one didn't get approved originally, but it's up there now.

  • Typical DC BS

    DC shoots itself in the foot when trying to lure filmmakers to this city. High costs and unfriendly issues with all the ridiculous security here will just ensure Evans and his scam to piss away $25 million "enticing" Hollywood is a waste of time and money.