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Who Should Sponsor D.C. United’s New Shirts?

D.C. United Jersey

D.C. United's jerseys will no longer feature Volkswagen logos next year, the club and the carmaker told the Washington Post's Steven Goff today. That ends a sponsorship agreement that lasted five years, but it also leaves an opening for new advertising space on the local soccer team's shirts.

Some folks are already speculating about who might replace VW—Walmart, perhaps? Or Pollo Campero? Fix up the image above with the logo of your choice pasted in the middle and send your designs to We'll post the ones that make the most sense, look the best, or make us laugh the most later today.

Photo via D.C. United team store

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  • DC

    Don't have access to photoshop right now, but I would lurve to see DC Brau splayed across that jersey.

  • Ward One Resident

    Like "DC" I would love to see DC Brau be the new sponsor. Does MLS have limits on beer companies being sponsors? Pollo Campero would be pretty awesome as well.

  • Guest

    Here's a quick mockup of a DC Brau-sponsored kit:

  • Guest

    Here's one for Ben's

  • Guest

    @Ward One Resident - Corona sponsors Chivas USA

  • Guest

    Here's one for D.C. election season, complete with some "shadow" for WCP

  • Jonathan L. Fischer

    OK, Guest, can you give us sponsored jerseys for Sulaimon Brown, ice-cream-cone-in-the-snow guy, and some Juggalos?

  • Guest

    Ice cream cone guy:

    Sulaimon Brown:
    (I am not that good at Photoshop.)

    I respectfully decline w/r/t the juggalos.

    Here's a bonus instead:

  • Mike Madden

    @ Guest:

    Your red panda is better than mine:

  • Guest

    @Mike Madden: Thanks. I think it's my favorite. The photo you used for yours is great though.

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  • will

    Honestly, I would love to see bens or DC Brau, but it'll probably be Geico, who will get this or the new stadium - they're itching to sponsor something since they lost nats park.

  • Bill

    While a local brand would be great it's not realistic. Neither DC Brau or Ben's would invest the millions it takes to sponsor a national brand.

  • Bill

    Bens reports about a million in annual sales, while DC Brau is way below that. The VW deal was for almost 4 million. That kind of money would force Bens or DC Brau to close business. I am all about local exposure, especially for two great products but it's just not realistic. We will see GEICO for sure.