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This Is How D.C. United’s 2014 Jersey Could Look

After five years selling space on their players' chests to Volkswagen, D.C. United is looking for a new jersey sponsor next season. We asked you to submit possible designs for 2014 D.C. United shirts; here's some of what resulted.

Brau United

DC Brau, by commenter Guest.

campero united

Pablo Maurer, who covers United for DCist, suggested Pollo Campero, which sponsors a halftime T-shirt giveaway, so we made a version of that.

Gray for Mayor United

Gray for Mayor, also by Guest.

Ben's United

Ben's Chili Bowl, by Kevin Rooney.

Skins United

The Washington Pigskins, by reader Dan, who notes: "Since Washington's football team is terrible again, and flooded with bad PR about their racist name, they need to take advantage of all the marketing opportunities available."

This came in on Twitter from Eric Mann, and seemed apt in light of United's horrible 2013 season:

As did this (Mann made a third one up, too, but it's too horrific to post here):

Commenter Guest also made this one, of Rusty the Red Panda:

Rusty United

And finally, here's what a shirt sponsored by Washington City Paper would look:

City Paper United

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  • mighty

    and Eric Mann's third submission?? Do show!

  • Mike Madden

    @ mighty: You saw it, and I'm surprised you can still see, but it's linked above.

  • mighty


  • Guest

    That B&W Ben's jersey is AWESOME. Almost seems real. In our dreams.