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Swastikas Scribbled on Dupont Bus Stop


A reader sent in this picture of swastikas drawn all over a bus stop advertisement at P and 20th streets NW Tuesday evening.

The District Department of Transportation said at 12:30 p.m. today it would immediately dispatch a crew to remove the symbols.

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  • Mt. P Resident

    Seen very similar scribbles on bus-stop near CVS in Woodley Park recently too.

  • BW

    Saw this on a bus stop along 14th St, I think around W, as well.

  • Typical DC BS

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. This is a story?

  • Jon

    Is it me or are they backwards. Come on people... if you want to insult a whole group of people (like me) get the insult right. GEEZ!

  • dcjpad

    This could be a story. But the two sentences -- not even two tweets' worth of text -- written in response to a reader tip? No, that is not a story.

  • falloutboy

    those are not swats.

  • Tom

    And very bad swastikas at that. In fact, the swastikas that hook to the left are Native American swastikas. The Army's 45th Infantry Division, made of New Mexico National Guardsmen, used the Native American swastika as a symbol back in the 30s, until that idiot in Germany came along and ruined it.

    Bottom line: We're dealing with a poorly educated person.

  • Derek

    Oh my god everyone freak out, Neo-Nazis are coming to take over DC. Wow slow news day CP...

  • seaoftears

    Wow ! Shocking !!!
    I have one question. Are articles done every time someone sends in a photo of the 'N' word or any other racist, insulting or hurtful artwork is scribbled on a wall somewhere ?