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Edward Snowden’s Face, Coming to a Bus Near You?


NSA leaker Edward Snowden may be in Russia, but his face could soon be rolling through the streets of D.C. The Partnership for Civil Justice, a D.C.-based legal nonprofit that has represented Occupy Wall Street protesters, is raising money to buy wraparound ads on D.C. buses that would prominently feature a portrait of the former intelligence contractor. The ads would read, "THANK YOU, EDWARD SNOWDEN."

According to a call for donations on its website, the group wants to place the wrappers on buses around Capitol Hill and the White House. "The elites in D.C. may not ride the bus, but they can't avoid reading the bus!" the website says.

This is just one part of the Partnership for Civil Justice's plan to amplify public support of Snowden. The organization is also asking people to sign a list saying they thank Snowden—so far, nearly 14,000 people have obliged—and upload pictures of themselves holdings signs saying as much.

Want to see Snowden's face on your morning commute? Donate here.

Photo by DonkeyHotey via Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

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  • Typical DC BS

    Oh, this will be good. The same doofuses that revealed the mental midgetry of the far left wing of the Democratic party is now holding this mope up as a "hero"?

    Maybe they can protest by not showering and enraging their parents/roommates even more because they refuse to leave mommy & daddy's basement or their group home.

  • http://Sydney Worker

    He is an alleged traitor who could have caused serious damage to the USA and its allies and left wing nutjobs want to bake him a cake


    To the little fascist who commented above you must be a NSA employee by the tone of your comments. You must be wearing a cross with the US flag draped over your shoulders, what a patriot you are, here's a medal.

  • noodlez


  • Corky

    Just what we need, a traitor staring at us while sitting at a stop light. He disgusts me. I hope Metro finds a way to reject this ad request.

  • noodlez


  • Phil

    You know who's a traitor? Dianne Feinstein. Because guess who just pushed through legislation to expand warrantless searches that expressly violate the Fourth Amendment that she has "sworn" to uphold?

  • johnl17

    and I’ll be very happy to spray paint TRAITOR over every one of them

  • Typical DC BS

    @JFLEMING: Sorry you demonstrate such a high level of idiocy if you think Snowden was a "hero". I'd have a LOT more respect for him if he stayed in the USA and decided to be a whistleblower, like Daniel Ellsburg with the Pentagon Papers. Sharing our secrets with China and Russia (just like that crook who gave Assange all the military and diplomatic secrets) is not the mark of a "hero".

  • Corky

    Put him and his picture UNDER THE BUS.

  • Johnny G

    @Typical DC,
    Daniel Ellsburg SUPPORTS Edward Snowden's decision to go to China and Russia !

    ALSO Snowden did not carry any secrets on his person, so there was no way China or Russia have anything.

    Do you have PROOF that Snowden gave anything to China and Russia? He is smart enough to prevent that!

  • Typical DC BS

    @Johnny G: Yes, I'm sure Ellsburg does. So much for courage in doing what you think is right - fleeing to China and Russia, those bastions of freedom? Are you really that ignorant?

    And you KNOW Snowden did not carry any secrets on his person? Really? Now how would you know that? Maybe you refuse to acknowledge the FACT he exposed how the intelligence is gathered, what sources they use, etc? Too bad you don't realize those are secrets too.

    Spare us the left wing outrage.

  • Bob Hauser

    I can see by several of the posts here that the sunshine "patriots" are all out in force and dutifully wearing the red, white and blue as blindfolds ---they've been doing it all their lives anyway. And how many of you flag-waving hypocrite piss-ants who are proudly proclaiming "fuck Snowden" have ever read one solitary damned word of the Constitution?...or even give a rat's derriere whether it exists or not? If you live in the Yellow State, you no doubt voted for Diane Swine-slime and and you blindly lap and suck up everything that putrid skank says right off the filthy carpet of bald-faced lying political are willing to let Di-Fi do all of your NONthinking for you...aren't you? None of you has the brass clad bowel tract to call yourself a "patriot"...Edward Snowden stood by his conscience and his love of the Constitution. What in South Blazes did any of you counterfeit "patriots" who are saying "fuck Snowden" ever do for the letter and spirit of the Constitution? Huh? It's raw sewage like you who have voted this country right down the tubes and into the dirt hole of the universe.