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Dulles Rail Tax Pig Guy is Loudoun County’s Newest State Rep.

The man who spent the summer of 2012 lugging around a giant Tax Pig around on a flatbed truck to protest the construction of Metro's Silver Line is Loudoun County's newest state representative.

Republican Dave LaRock, who decisively beat his opponent last week with 53.6 percent of the vote, first made it into Washington City Paper's pages in 2012 in the days leading up to Loudoun County's deadline to decide whether to opt out of its $270 million contribution to help build the $6 billion line to Dulles International Airport. The council ultimately voted to fork up the cash, but if it hadn't, the whole Silver Line could have effectively been killed.

LaRock was one of the leaders of the opt-out camp, traveling from protest to protest with the aforementioned giant pig. He argued the Silver Line was a frivolous project that would hit taxpayers deep in the pockets. (The other side said the project would spur commercial growth in the area and allow for an easy commute to D.C.)

The new state rep talked to City Desk after he was elected. While he may have lost the Silver Line battle, he's still in the war to end superfluous transportation spending.

"We are paying lots of money in Northern Virginia, and we still have some of the worst traffic, and I think that's because the money goes to projects like the Silver Line," he says.

In Richmond, he hopes to push legislation to amend Virginia's massive transportation funding legislation to take a hard line against funding projects that wouldn't effectively reduce traffic congestion. In its current form, the legislation has a provision that suggests that traffic reduction be a considered criteria.

(LaRock says he also hopes to use his new position to help fight the persistence of Lyme Disease in the county.)

"People are tired of dysfunctional government, they are tired of taxes, and  any spending the state does [should be] performance driven," he says. "That would apply to transportation, education and budgeting in general."

So that's Virginia for you—validating both Terry McAuliffe and tax pigs, all in one election.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • Jes’ sayin’

    This anonymous clan of slack-jawed troglodytes cost me the election. And yet, if I were to have them killed, I would go to jail. THAT'S democracy for you.

    - C. Montgomery Burns

  • Bob Bruhns

    The $269 million that Loudoun County must pay for its 4.8% share of this rail project, does not include the MWAA-estimated $168 million that is usually not mentioned, for one parking garage at the Rt 606 station, and two parking garages at the Rt 772 station. Loudoun County is struggling to deal with the parking garage situation now, after their initial bid process failed a few months ago.

    Also, Fairfax County dumped the $89 million Rt 28 rail station cost back into the project. Loudoun County will have to pay 4.8% of that $89 million, which is another $4.27 million that usually isn't mentioned.