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The Needle: Rat Trap

Rat Marathon: Ward 1 is holding a four-hour rat summit this weekend. This seems like an excessive amount of time, but hey, whatever it takes to solve the problem! +2

Hipster Haven: This man advertises an unfinished basement apartment in Northeast on Craigslist as a "hipster haven." Why? Unclear. -1

Eye Witness: There have been multiple reports of a man with "bulging eyes" flashing people in Arlington. -2

Mayoral Sweeps: Busboys & Poets owner Andy Shallal and At-Large Councilmember Vince Orange said today that they plan to enter the mayoral race. The more the merrier. +2

Yesterday's Needle rating: 46 Today's score: +1 Friday Bonus: +2 Needle rating: 49

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  • Mrs. D

    Assuming the poster of that Craigslist ad isn't lying, on the update...dayum...people are THAT DESPERATE for a decent (-ish...or not...habitable...not a park...indoors...etc?) place to live in these parts? I'm not much a fan of sharing my house, but if demand is THAT serious, I might have to consider offering up our guest room...after all, it has 4 whole walls (drywall, paneling in sight), no exposed structural elements, no ongoing construction, we wouldn't want written notice that the resident needed to pee (I'm, of course, exaggerating the ad, but not by much), AND we're closer to the Metro. By this guy's logic, we could get $1500/month, right?