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How Well Do You Know D.C.’s Rules?

The District is nearly finished working on the first comprehensive rewrite of the city's zoning code since 1957—a process that's already taken five years. Planners decided to scale back one controversial proposal that would have eliminated requirements for parking spaces in buildings near transit. But there's a lot of other interesting stuff in the proposed new code, which hasn't gotten as much attention as the parking spots did. And the city is also trying to change federal restrictions on how tall buildings can be.

Take this quiz on zoning, Home Rule, the Height Act, and land use, written for Washington City Paper by Greater Greater Washington editor and founder David Alpert, and see how much you know about what the city's trying to do and why.

Photo and rendering via Office of Planning

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  • resident

    Good topic. How about one on the DC budget--does DC control anything outright, or does it all have to go through Congress? It seems like we generally need appropriations, but for certain local money maybe DC only needs Congress to agree to its plan?

    Same for how Metro (rail and bus) is funded..

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