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Sean Taylor Shooter Found Guilty of Second Degree Murder

A Miami jury has found the man accused of pulling the trigger and killing former Pigskins player Sean Taylor guilty of second degree murder.

Eric Rivera, 23, had originally been charged with first degree murder, but after 16 hours of deliberation, the 12-person jury found him guilty of the lesser charge this afternoon, the Miami Herald reports.

Taylor was killed after Rivera and four friends tried to rob the football star's Miami home in 2007. The teenagers thought Taylor wouldn't be home, but Taylor was in his bedroom with his wife and daughter. According to prosecutors, Taylor pulled out a machete in defense, and was subsequently shot.

Rivera confessed to police, but during trial his lawyers recanted, saying that Rivera was in the car during the robbery and police forced the confession out of him.

Three of the men accused have pleaded not guilty and are still awaiting trial. The fourth already pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and is serving 29 years.

Rivera could face life in prison.

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  • murder cleaner

    to bad for Taylor, machete- who has one of these as home defense??

    should of had a shotgun to blast the punks!!

  • Typical DC BS

    @murder cleaner: I believe Sean Taylor already had a run-in with the law in Florida a year or two earlier when he brought a gun to try and get some ATV's back that had been stolen from him. I'm sure his father, who was a police chief, told him he needed to stay away from guns after that.

    It's still hard to believe he was killed. From the story they told at the trial, Taylor was known to keep large sums of money at his house? And he had given his step-sister $10,000 in cash for her birthday and talked about it to the wrong people, so these 5 POS thought they'd hit the jackpot of they burglarized him while they thought he was out of town.