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NFL Says Washington Football Team Name Isn't Racist

The Washington Pigskins front office had a plan to quash the D.C. Council's pending legislation to call on the team to change its racist name: have fans contact their lawmakers and use the Twitter hashtag #[Pigskins]Pride to show their support for the team name.

The only problem is that at least some people are using the hashtag to do the exact opposite of the instructions. (Most of the tweets did actually follow management's instructions, though.) The campaign is just beginning, but here are a few messages that showed up on the team-publicized hashtag:



As the letter to Pigskins fans, which was obtained by the Post, acknowledges, the Council can't actually force the team to change its name, and the legislation is more symbolic than anything else.

Illustration by Carey Jordan

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  • Elliott

    I vote to change the name to:

    MARYLAND Redskins.

    The team will NEVER come back to the District so might as well burn all the bridges.


  • Typical DC BS

    REDSKINS. They ought to laugh at DC and tell them their council blather is just more hot air from the PC crowd.